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Product advantages:
1、Sterilization rate 99.999%
2、Food grade alcohol-free
3、Oral non-toxic
4、New technology of small molecule water disinfection and water electrolysis in Japan.

product name: Biweiling disinfectant
Exterior: Transparent liquid
pH: 8~9
Product ingredients: H2O、NaClO
Dosage form: liquid
Packaging specification: 500ml / bottle, 200ml / bottle,50ml / bottle
Category of  killing  microorganisms: It can kill pathogenic fungi and pyogenic cocci,It can inactivate the virus.
Scope of application: The product can be used for disinfection of hospital sewage, hard surface, fabric and other porous surface, cooking utensils, food processing tools and equipment, fruits, vegetables and dirt.
Usage method: Raw solution spraying
Term of validity: 1.Keep in a cool and dry place.2.Do not take this product orally, avoid contact with eyes, and keep it away from children.
Matters needing attention: 24 months
Suitable: Disinfection of instruments; disinfection of clothes; disinfection of hands; disinfection of tableware, kitchen utensils and utensils; soaking and washing and disinfection of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat; disinfection of environment, equipment and personnel of food processing industry.
Disinfection and deodorization of home, car, toilet, office, etc.; disinfection of poultry house environment and drinking water; disinfection and deodorization of pets; disinfection of public places, objects, floors, walls, and air.
ingredients: This product is a disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as the main active ingredient. The available chlorine content is 100-200mg/L.
Benefits: Can kill all kinds of germs, can kill all kinds of germs and bacteria efficiently, the effective rate is as high as 99.999%

Scope of application:
1、Home disinfection
2、School disinfection
3、public disinfection
4、Pet disinfection
5、Clothing disinfection
6、Vehicle disinfection
8、Skin disinfection

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