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Feed Additives

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction of Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins
Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins, for the first time, it combines the physical adsorption of hydrated aluminosilicate and the biological adsorption function of lactic acid bacteria. The adsorption capacity is more than 95%, which can minimize the mycotoxin content in the feed. At present, most of the mycotoxin adsorbents are physical adsorbents, which not only have low adsorption efficiency and large feed capacity, but also have a certain adsorption rate for nutrients, and the palatability is also poor. Too much addition in hot summer will cause feed odor The cows are reluctant to eat, and even refuse to eat. Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins produced by our company effectively combines biological adsorption and physical adsorption, which not only abandons the disadvantages of general physical adsorbents, but also can effectively improve the palatability. It has been proved by many large-scale pastures that MeiBiXi must have a significant effect on reducing mold and mycotoxins, and it has become one of the important programs for dairy farms to control the quality of milk sources.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins
Guaranteed value of product composition analysis
Pediococcus lactis(CFU/g)≥2.0×108  Lactobacillus plantarum(CFU/g)≥1.0×108 
Moisture(%)≤10 Aflatoxin B1≤10.0(μg/kg)≤10.0
Arsenic (as total arsenic) (㎎/kg)≤10.0 Lead (as total Pb) (㎎ / kg)≤20.0
Mercury (as total Hg) (㎎ / kg)≤0.1    Cadmium (calculated as Cd)(㎎/kg)≤0.5
Fluorine (as F) (㎎ / kg) ≤1000 Miscellaneous bacteria rate (%) ≤0.5
Coliform group (pcs / kg) ≤1.0 × 105   Total number of molds (pcs / kg) <2.0 × 107
Pathogenic bacteria: not detectable  
Packing specification: 1000g × 20 bags / carton or 20kg / carton
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and hazardous substances and affecting the quality of the product.

3.Feature And Application of Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins
Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins can efficiently degrade mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, zearalenone, and vomitotoxin in feed, and it has the functions of enhancing liver detoxification and enhancing animal immunity.
Function and use:
①Enzymatic hydrolysis of toxin
Degrading enzymes are highly biologically active proteases with a molecular weight of 2890kD. Tests show that the degrading enzyme has the characteristics of resistance to stomach acid, bile salt and high temperature of feed. The mycotoxin-degrading enzyme degrades the mycotoxin into non-toxic molecular fragments by 100% within 9-12 hours at an intestinal temperature of 37 ° C.
②Biological detoxification
Active lactic acid bacteria will produce a mycotoxin inhibitory complex through its biological metabolism, which can not only effectively inhibit the growth of mold and reduce the production of mycotoxins, but also degrade some mycotoxins to achieve the detoxification effect. The polysaccharides (such as peptidoglycan) and other components in the lactic acid bacteria cells will combine with mycotoxins to form mycotoxin-peptidoglycan complexes and be excreted from the body to play the role of detoxification.
③Physical detoxification
The hydrated aluminosilicate contained in Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins has a layered structure and a non-uniform charge distribution. It has a strong fixation and inhibition effect on viruses, germs and toxins and gases produced in the digestive tract, making it lose its pathogenicity. In addition, it has a strong covering and protection ability to the digestive tract mucosa, repairs and improves the defense function of the mucosal barrier against attacking factors, and has the functions of alleviating diarrhea, balancing normal flora and improving immunity.

①When mold not exceeding the standard level,please add this product to the full-price feed at 0.1% for routine mold removal.
②Precautions for mold in Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins exceeding the standard level.As ruminants are animals sensitive to mycotoxins, even mildewing of the feed can seriously affect production performance. If mildew raw materials are used in the feed or trace mildew spots are found, the recommended amount is 0.2%.
③ Suggestions for the seriousexceeding of mold.Serious exceeding of mold could happen when there are obvious mold spots in the corn germ, ora mild moldy smell in the feed, or DDGS, peanut meal, and old bran are used.In those cases, the recommended dosage is 0.3%, and when the problem is even more serious, the dosage should be 0.4%.
④The recommended dosageduring the season that is high in temperature and humidity, usually from July to September.In order to enable animals to obtain better feeding performance and reduce stress in the above season, add 0.2% in the feed to prevent mycotoxins.
⑤Recommended amount for the new corn harvest season from October to November. As the corn has a lot of water and is prone to mildew in this period,it is recommended to use 0.1-0.15% according to the raw materials.

4.Product Details of Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins
Composition of raw materials:
Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins consists of Pediococcus lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum and its metabolites, montmorillonite powder, etc. It can effectively absorb and degrade mycotoxins in feed, especially for the most toxic and widely distributed aflatoxins.
Matters needing attention:
①For animal health, the use of moldy feed should be minimized.
②Moldy feed that is visible to the naked eye should be dispersed as much as possible before use with this product and other raw materials.
Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

5.Product Qualification of Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

                                                              Fermenting Tank for probiotics production

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

                                                                    Drying Machine for probiotics production

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

                                                             Freeze Drying System for probiotics production

Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

                                                                             Ultra-low temperature freezer

Feed Additives For Removing MycotoxinsFeed Additives For Removing MycotoxinsFeed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins
                                                          Evaluation of the effect of MeiBiXi adsorption on aflatoxi
① MeiBiXi Adsorption Aflatoxin B1 in vitro
Test Group The Dosage of MeiBiXi (%) The remaining of Aflatoxin B1 (ng/g) Adsorption Rate(%)
0.05 806.2 59.69
0.10 355.6 82.22
0.15 19.05 98.05
0.20 ≤5.00 ≥99.75
The aflatoxin B1 in each test group was adsorbed to different degrees after adding MeiBiXi to the moldy feed. Among them, the absorption rate of group IV with 0.20% MeiBiXi was the highest, reaching over 99.75%, which indicated that aflatoxin in feed had been completely absorbed; test group III with 0.15% MeiBiXi had significant effect on the removal of aflatoxin B1, reaching 98.05%.

6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Feed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins
Payment terms we can accept T/T、L/C、PayPal.
We provide TNT, DHL, FedEx, EMS and other logistics services.
 Feed Additives For Removing MycotoxinsFeed Additives For Removing Mycotoxins

Question 1: What is your MOQ?
A: To facilitate customers to check the quality of products, we support the delivery of sample orders, the price changes with the number of orders, the more the cheaper.

Question 2: Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a factory with an export license. We are a group company integrating R & D, production and sales.

Question 3: How can I get samples?
Samples are free, and you are responsible for shipping costs. Usually, we will take DHL, FedEx, USPS, TNT or other fast shipping methods so that you can receive our samples quickly. Please leave us the complete address, and then we will check the corresponding shipping costs. After payment is completed, we will arrange samples for you immediately.

Question 4: What is the delivery time?
We have a large inventory. Sample orders and dozens of small orders can be delivered within 10 working days. The delivery time for orders below 500 pieces is 15 working days. For larger orders, please contact us.

Question 5: What money do you use for trading?
A: Our international business is RMB / USD

Question 6:Why should I choose your company?
1. We have our factory, laboratory engineer, so quality and safety can be guaranteed.
2. We have a strict quality control system. Enjoy a good reputation in the market.
3. We have obtained international certifications: ISO 9001, SGS.
4. We have a professional R & D team, design team, sales team and production workers all over the world.
5. We can provide competitive prices and good service.
6. The annual sales of our products in China exceed 500 million yuan. If you do business with us, your money will be safer and you will get more attentive service.

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