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V BLUE -- The mucosal immune probiotics mechanism of purifying Blue ear virus

01. V BLUE -- Isolated by screening and specific breeding of 500 strains of porcine lactic acid bacteria , this product has both specific and non-specific immune. First, it can induce immune effector cell activation, cytokine expression, mediated mucosal immune cascade, thus letting the body quickly and massively produce non-specific antibodies and block the entry of the blue-ear virus into the body. In addition, after the company 's unique specificity breeding technology, it can stimulate the body's humoral immune, produce specific antibodies, and neutralize the blue ear virus into the body. Block the external virus, neutralize the virus in vivo, and then the ranch blue ear purification project begins.
02. V BLUE -- The mucosal immune probiotics that purify blue-ear virus can not only promote the maturation of dendritic cells, but also regulate the surface subtypes of DC cells and stimulate the secretion of cytokines by dendritic cells in blood.
03. V BLUE -- The mucosal immune probiotics that purifies blue-ear virus also can promote B cells to produce SlgA, thus regulating the systemic humoral immune balance. The results confirmed that V blue -- the specific lactic acid bacteria can colonize and reproduce stably in the pig's intestine. It can not only induce the production of blue ear virus specific SIgA antibody in the respiratory and digestive tract mucosa earlier and faster, but also induce the secretion of systemic specific IgG antibody to a certain extent, including dendritic cells inducing peptide (DCpep) as target specific immune mediated play an important role. The experimental results show that blue ear virus antibody titer level blue ear virus, and SlgA content in trachea and intestinal contents were significantly increased.
04. SlgA antibody as the main effector molecule that mediates the local immune response of intestinal mucous, the mechanism is mainly shown as follows: the SIgA can not only directly bind to antigenic substances in mucosal cells, effectively neutralize its antigen activity, and produce immune complexes conducive to the rapid excretion of antigenic substances; but also weaken the hydrophobicity of pathogens, thus hinding the adhesion of harmful substances, indirectly stimulating mucosal cells to secrete mucin, collaborative strengthen intestinal local immunity, constitute the first line of defence for mucosal immunity.

Blue Ear Purification Project
【Main Ingredients】
This product is composed of specific lactobacillus plantarum, lactococcus lactis and its metabolites and glucose.
The total number of viable bacteria ≥ 2.0x1010cfu /g.
【Specifications 】
50g/ bottle, 10 bottles/box.
【Application Stage】
This product is suitable for all stages of pig breeding.
【Storage & Preservation】
Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Avoid mixing with poisonous and harmful substances. Avoid high temperature and high humidity environment, refrigeration or 2-8℃ refrigeration is recommended.
【Shelf Life】
The shelf life of the original package products is 12 months.

Product Name Recommended usage The pig stage Use phase Usage
Drinking water
Piglets 1 week after birth Immune dose: 0.5g/ head, use 3 days
Control dose :1g/ head , use 3-5 days
1 week after weaning
Big pigs End of Conservation phase
Gilts 1 month before breeding
Pregnant sows 7 days of pregnancy Immune dose: 1g/ head, use 2 days
Control dose :2g/ head, use 3-5 days
45 days of pregnancy
90 days of pregnancy
Nursing sows 7 days of lactation
Boars Every 45 days

1.The best immunization method of this product is drinking water and wet mixing. The unweaned piglet can be used by gavage.
2. Use the product one day apart from the blue ear vaccine for better immune effect.
3. Do not use any antibiotics three days before and three days after immunization.
4. This product is freeze-dried powder, which is recommended to be stored at a temperature of 2-8℃, or frozen. Exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited.
5.This product is available for pregnant animals, non-toxic side effects, safe and efficient.
6. When using this product for drinking water, if the water source has been disinfected, it is better to keep the drinking water for 2 hours and control the water before drinking to avoid waste.

Fifty healthy 15-day-old piglets with negative blue ear antigen and antibody were randomly divided into 3 groups.Ⅰ group (10 heads) for blank control group, normal water and feeding;Ⅱ group (20 heads) for V blue group, Each piglet was gavaged with  0.5g V blue (diluted to 2ml), once a day for 2 consecutive days . III group (20 heads) for PRRSV attenuated vaccine group, intramuscular injection, 1 unit /head.

Indicators :(1) 10 pigs were randomly selected from each group at 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks before and after immunization. Serum levels of antibody, IL-10, IFN-γ, CD4+ and CD8+ were measured through blood sampling.(2) 10 pigs were randomly selected from each group at 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks before and after immunization. Collect nasal swabs and detect the sIgA content in the nasal swab immersion solution.

1.Detection results of CD4+T cells in serum

Figure 1 Content of CD4+ in T lymphocytes

Note: When data were compared between groups at the same time, * indicated statistically differences (P<0.05), * * indicated statistically significant differences (P<0.01), * * * indicated very significant statistical differences (P<0.001).
From Figure 1, the expression level of CD4+ in the V blue group began to increase 1 week after use, and was significantly different from that in the control group. The expression level reached its peak 3 weeks after use, and decreased slightly 4 weeks after use.Compared with the vaccine group, CD4+ in the V blue group was increased earlier, faster and maintained for a longer time.

2.Detection results of serum CD8+T cells in serum

Figure 2 CD8+ content of T lymphocytes

From Figure 2, the expression level of CD8+ in the immunological probiotics group was higher than that in the control group and the vaccine group from 1 week to 4 weeks after use, and the difference was significant at 3 weeks and 4 weeks after use.There was no significant difference between vaccine group and control group.

3.Il-10 content in serum

Figure 3 serum IL-10 level

From Figure 3, the IL-10 content in the V-blue group began to rise after 1 week of use, and remained high level after 2, 3 and 4 weeks of use . The vaccine group reached a high level after 2 weeks and 3 weeks of use , but the IL-10 level showed a downward trend after 4 weeks of use.

4. IFN-γ content in serum

Figure 4 serum IFN- γ content

From Figure 4, the content of IFN-γ in The V-blue group was significantly higher than that in the control group from 1 week to 4 weeks after use, and reached the peak after 2 weeks .IFN-γ level in the vaccine group were significantly higher than that in the control group after 2 to 4 weeks of use, and peaked at 3 weeks.

5. SIgA content in nasal swab immersion solution

Figure 5. Level of mucosal antibody sIgA

As can be seen from Figure 5, sIgA in the V blue group began to show positive results after 1 week of use, and showed a trend of continuous increase after 2, 3 and 4 weeks. SIgA in the vaccine group was positive 2 weeks after immunization. Compared with the V blue group, sIgA changed from Yin to Yang later. The sIgA content of the V blue group was significantly higher than that of the vaccine group.

6. Serum PRRSV antibody detection results

Figure 6 Serum PRRSV antibody level

Note 1: S/P value =(OD650 value of the sample - mean OD650 for the negative control)/( mean OD650 value for the positive control - mean OD650 value for the negative control ), S/P value ≥ 0.40, the sample is judged to be positive;S/P value < 0.40 is judged to be negative.
Note 2: When data were compared between groups at the same time, * indicated statistically differences (P<0.05), * * indicated statistically significant differences (P<0.01), * * * indicated very significant statistical differences (P<0.001).

As can be seen from Figure 6, PRRSV antibody level was higher than that of the control group after V blue and immunization vaccine for 2 weeks , and antibody level was significantly higher than that of the control group after 4 weeks. At different time points, V blue antibody level was slightly lower than the vaccine group, but the difference was not significant.

The results showed that V blue significantly increased the expression of CD4+ and CD8+ molecules, serum IL-10 and IFN- levels, nasal mucosal sIgA levels and humoral antibody levels. V blue can stimulate the body to produce both cellular and humoral immunity. Compared with the traditional blue ear injection vaccine, V blue mucosal immunity can enhance the mucosal protection ability and improve the ability of virus clearance.

Fermenting Tank for probiotics production

Drying Machine for probiotics production

Freeze Drying System for probiotics production

Ultra-low temperature freezer

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