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Function and Features
1.Activate the mucosal immune cascade reaction, cellular immunity and humoral immunity for the prevention and control of envelope virus, and establish the first and second defense lines of systemic immune system.
2.Activate the body's mucosal immunity, promote the activation and proliferation of B lymphocytes, increase the secretion of mucosal antibody SIgA, and block the invasion and adhesion of virus.
3.Activate humoral immunity, increase the secretion of humoral antibody IgG, inhibit virus adsorption and replication, and reduce the level of viremia.
4.Activate innate cellular immunity, activate macrophages, natural killer cells and T lymphocytes, induce the production of IFN - γ (interferon gamma), and block the immune escape of envelope virus.
5.It has the advantages of quick action.The beneficial function maintain a long time . It is convenient to use with no side effect and stress response.

How P2 activation blocks the immune escape of envelope virus?
1.P2 activates the first immune defense line of the body-- mucosal immune defense line:Lactobacillus plantarum LP-11 can stimulate intestinal mucosal immunity. Dendritic cell inducing peptide promotes the proliferation and activation of dendritic cells. IL-21 participates in the regulation of B cell proliferation, bone marrow progenitor cell proliferation and NK cell proliferation, differentiation and cytotoxicity. P2 activation induced immune cascade reaction in intestinal mucosa, which not only improved the phagocytosis of macrophages and the killing function of NK cells, but also promoted B cells to differentiate into plasma cells secreting sIgA, and significantly increased the content of sIgA in the surface layer of intestinal mucosa.
Secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) is the main antibody in mucosal exocrine fluid, which participates in local mucosal immunity and prevents pathogens from adhering to the cell surface by binding to envelope virus, thus playing an important role in local anti-infection. Compared with ordinary antibodies, it is a dimer of sIgA, which contains more antigen binding sites, so it has a stronger role in neutralizing pathogens and immune elimination.
Like a rope attached to the surface of the envelope virus, sIgA loses the ability to encode and express a variety of immune escape proteins to antagonize the host's innate immune system, as well as the ability to produce virulence and replication. It not only cannot infect monocytes such as macrophages, but also is quickly killed by macrophages, NK cells, T cells, interferon and so on.

Figure 1. The effect on the content of SIgA of mucosal antibody
Through the detection of mucosal antibody SIgA level, it was found that P2 activation can significantly increase the level of mucosal antibody SIgA.

2.P2 activates the body's second immune defense line-- cellular immune defense line: The dominant component activated by P2 stimulates T cells to differentiate and proliferate into memory T cells and effector T cells, in which memory T cells efficiently recognize the Px protein of the "killer arm and tool" of envelope virus, promote the rapid differentiation and production of effector T cells, enhance the cytotoxicity of effector T cells, and eliminate envelope virus in the early stage of proliferation.
P2 activation stimulates T lymphocytes to produce IFN-γ and other antiviral cytokines, which can be maintained in the body for a long time. IFN- γ has significant antiviral and immunomodulatory effects, eliminating intracellular capsule virus infection and enhancing cellular immune function. P2 activation can also induce the body to produce a variety of cytokines, inhibit the binding and invasion of envelope virus and host cells, positively regulate the host cell cycle, enhance cellular immune response, and block the immune escape of envelope virus.

Figure 2. The effect on the content of CD3 + CD4 + T lymphocytes in jejunum
P2 activation can significantly increase the number of CD3 + CD4 + T lymphocytes in PP node of jejunum.

Figure 3. The effect on the content of CD3 + CD4 + T lymphocytes in ileum

P2 activation can significantly increase the number of CD3 + CD4 + T lymphocytes in PP node of ileum.

Figure 4. The effect on the content of IL-2 in serum

P2 activation can significantly increase the content of IL-2 in serum2,after 14 days, 28 days and 42 days, they were 24%, 38% and 32% higher than those in the control group.

Figure 5.The effect on the content of IFN-γin serum

P2 activation can significantly increase the content of IFN-γin serum,after 14 days, 28 days and 42 days, they were 21%, 33% and 24% higher than those in the control group.

Figure6.The effect on the content of IgG in serum

Through the detection of serum IgG level, it was found that P2 activation can significantly increase the level of serum antibody IgG.

Evaluation data of P2 activation in vitro studied by Harbin Veterinary Institute,CAAS

Three major features of P2 activation products
1. Rapid reaction: Mucosal immune response quickly, and fully activated within 6 hours. And systemic immunity was stimulated by local immunity.
2. Stable and sustained potency: Key indicators such as SIgA, IFN-γ, DC cells, memory T cells and effector T cells, IL-21, intestinal flora structure were detected,which could be maintained for 30 to 45 days with one period, and some indicators could be maintained for 60 days.In order to ensure the effect of the product, one month product administration should be needed for one period .
3. Security: P2 activation is a Probiotics preparation, without any pathogenic factors, which can strengthen body resistance ,eliminat pathogenic factors and improve disease resistance. Prevent and control the cyst membrane virus. Relieve the immune suppression and promote the remarkable improvement of the immunity and resistance of pigs .Reduce morbidity and mortality and improve production performance.

P2 Activation product instructions
Recommended dosage

(1) Fields with low pressure of infection:
Daily usage, 1g/ sow or breeding boar/day and 0.5g/ fattening pig or piglet/day, once a day, for 7 consecutive days and once a month.
(2) Fields with medium pressure of infection (outbreaks occur 3 km away) :
Twice daily dosage, 2g/ sow or breeding boar/day and 0.5g/ fattening pig or piglet/day, once a day, for 7 consecutive days and once a month.
(3) Worst-hit areas and suspected early infection sites (outbreaks occur 3 km away) :
4 times daily dosage for the first time, 4g/ sow or breeding boar/day and 2g/ fattening pig or piglet/day, once a day and for 7 consecutive days. After one week, use twice daily dosage once again until the pigs stabilizes and then the dosage reaches daily dosage.

Product Usage

Feeding method Applicable object Operation method Note
Gavage lactating pigs Mix P2 and glucoseinjection, gavaged 1-2mL /head with syringe When 1 bottle cannot be used up once, pour out the required P2 amount and put the remaining dry powder back into the refrigerator to avoid moisture absorption
Liquid feedstuff Sows 1. 1 bottle of P2+70mLofwater=100mL, use a syringe add to feed in the trough
2. Mix P2+water+feed
3.Add P2+water to the watering can, stir and spray evenly
1.Dilute P2 to liquid and add it to the sow feed tank for the best concentration
2.Liquid feedstuff feeding,eat in 2 hours or 1 meal
Dry feedstuff nursery pigs or growing pigs Mix P2 and feed,eat in 2 hours or 1 meal 1.Feed during feed control or early overhead trough
2.P2+ a small amount of flour,use a mixer to blend for 4-10 minutes
3.Dry mix is recommended for prevention, wet mix or drinking water is recommended for control
Drinking water Any stage Add P2 to the water tank or sink, make up and drink according to the amount of drinking water in 2 hours Control water in advance to reduce waste

1. Biosafety must be ensured when P2 is used to resist African swine fever(ASF).
2. When P2 is used to resist ASF, it can be used with some Chinese herbs that can heat and cool blood and produce saliva, such as Radix Isatidis, Qingwen Jiedu San, Jingfang Baidu San, etc., orused with No. 6Kangbao (fermented astragalus polysaccharides).
3.P2 has a remarkable effect on the resistance to ASF, and can improve the resistance, early tooth extraction and the success rate of rehabilitation. It is not recommended for the treatment of severely infected pigs
4.Antibiotics should not be used during and 1 day before or after the use of P2. In case of emergency, the interval between P2 and antibiotics should be more than 5 hours.
5.The dosage of P2 should be adjusted according to the infection pressure around the pig farm. It is recommended to double the dosage if the infection pressure is high.
6.When the feed contains antibacterial substances, the dosage of P2 should be appropriately increased to avoid the influence.
7.P2 can be used for mixing or drinking, which should be used up in 2-3 hours to avoid waste of products. Water or feed can be controlled properly before use.
8.When P2 is used, the environment can be disinfected normally. Chemical disinfection of drinking water should be avoided 3 hours before and after P2 intake. Acidifiers can be used normally. P2 is not recommended on the day of live vaccine immunization, but can be used on the day before or the day after immunization.
9.P2 is freeze-dried powder, which is recommended to be frozen or refrigerated at 2-8℃. Put it in an insulated box during transportation. Exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited.
10.When P2 is used for control, it is recommended to use liquid feedstuff or drinking water. Piglets can be used by gavage. Pregnant pigs can be used, non-toxic side effects.

Applicable stage
This product is suitable for all stages of pig breeding.
Storage and preservation
Store in a cool, dark, ventilated and dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances, and avoid high temperature and humidity. It is recommended to freeze or store at 2-8°C.
Guarantee period
The guarantee period of the original packaging product is 12 months.

Honors of scientific research

Post-doctoral research workstation
Academician workstation
Shandong provincial key laboratory of
animal probiotics agent(excellent)
Shandong Enterprise Technology Center

Shandong Engineering Laboratory
Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center
Shandong Sino-American Center for probiotics Technology Cooperation

Third prize of Science and Technology progress of Shandong Province(2004)
First prize for technological inventions of Ministry of Education (2014)

First prize of Beijing Science and Technology(2017)
First prize of Science and Technology of Jilin Province(2018)

Industry honor

National High-Tech Enterprise ;
Famous Trademark of Shandong Province;
Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization in Shandong Province;
High-quality brands in Shandong Province;
Famous brand in Shandong Province
National Feed Outstanding Innovation Enterprise

The most valuable enterprise for investment in China Livestock Feed Industry
China Patent - Shandong Star Enterprise
Chairman unit of China Forage antibiotic substitute Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance
Vice-Presidency of the Chinese Animal probiotics Society
Vice Chairman of China Fisheries Science and Technology Innovation Alliance
Vice Chairman of National Union of Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation

Global probiotics center+Animal health service platform+Health Services Platform

Baolai-leelai project covers an area of 106672 square metres, with a total investment of RMB 2 billion yuan and a total construction area of 320,000 square meters. The first phase of the project covers an area of 200,000 square meters.It will be  built  as a multi-functional biotechnology industrial center including   production workshop, animal health service platform, research and development center, training center, expert apartment and product display center . There are three workshops (oral specific immune probiotics preparation workshop, functional probiotics workshop and biopharmaceutical workshop). The second phase of the project covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with fitness centers and supporting services as the main features. Including expert apartment (Phase II), member training reception center and probiotics chronic disease conditioning center.
It can accommodate 5,000 employees  to work, research and provide platform services, and has a capacity of  training and customer reception for 3,000 people .

100 R&D projects per year
200 R&D professionals
10000 strains preserved by the Culture Preservation Centre

Production capacity of 20 million immune probiotics  product workshops, more than 10000 strains of bacteria in stock at Baolai-leelai Biological Research Institute.

China Shandong BaoLai-LeeLai Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
Registered address:High-tech Development Zone, Taian City, Shandong Province 

Tel :0086-538-8270221
Production address:High-tech Development Zone, Taian City, Shandong Province
Web address:w w w. B L L L 1 9 9 6 . c o m  

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We are a factory with an export license. We are a group company integrating R & D, production and sales.

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A: Our international business is RMB / USD

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